Including the right alarms in HMIs

HMI programmingToday HMIs are prevalent in all kinds of industries. For example, you can find them in systems to manage the manufacturing execution systems (MES) in all kinds of plants. In addition, they can be a part of field service management systems (FMS) and control networks for smart devices. It is easier to use them than ever before, but it is still important to get the HMI programming right. This must ensure the interfaces are easy for everyone to understand and use. Continue reading

The key components in industrial control panels

Industrial facilities can be full of all kinds of systems. This could include everything from large conveyors to CNC machines and fully automated solutions. One of the most important things here is the control panels. If they are inefficient, difficult to use, or low quality, it can cause huge issues. Luckily, IRS Consultants Ltd can offer the best services. Our panel manufacturer service can deliver unique products to suit any needs. Continue reading

Top tips for improving the safety of industrial wiring

Our goal at IRS Consultants Ltd is to deliver the safest, most effective electrical hardware design solutions. We offer the service to clients from an array of industries, adapting to any kind of need. As part of this we want to give them the best advice about everything from the wiring to the individual components in the circuit and on the control panels. This can ensure the whole installation meets the highest standards. Continue reading

Always consider the operator when you plan HMI interfaces

The key to maximising productivity in many industrial settings is to ensure you have the right connections between machinery and operators. To achieve this, you need suitable HMIs (human machine interfaces). As one of the leading providers of HMI programming in the UK, we can offer lots of help here. Our goal is to deliver solutions that will provide harmony as well as efficiency and value for money. Continue reading

Think about wiring when designing control panels

Panel manufactureIndustrial control panels can be very simple or incredibly complex. It all depends on how many components are on the panel. What you need to think about, regardless of the complexity, is the wiring. Manage it well and you can enjoy lots of benefits, including easier maintenance and longer lasting components. As one of the top experts for panel manufacture in the UK, we can offer lots of tips here. Continue reading

Factors that influence electrical hardware selection

Electrical Hardware DesignChoosing the right components is essential whatever product you are creating. However, it can have extra significance when it is complex electronic systems. Here you need to ensure you think about all of the various factors, including usability and longevity. As one of the top names for electrical hardware design in the UK, we can give clients lots of advice about how to select the right components. Continue reading