Be consistent with HMIs and develop an outline

By working in HMI programming for as long as we have, we have come to understand how important Human Machine Interface is to mechanisms. It is also essential that you design this properly. We work alongside our clients to create the perfect solution, ensuring it is suitable for your business.

There is a large amount of data available on HMI as well as sophisticated software tools that people use for it. Despite this, when designing your own, there has to be some restraint. What we are going to do is inform you of what everyone needs to keep in mind during this process.


HMI programmingThis is the first point we will cover. There could be additional HMIs in your premises. If so, what you should do is model your new one so that it matches the functionality and appearance of the others. The menu may show up over the top of your existing HMIs. When it does, stick to this format. Adhere to any colour formats you employ for certain functions too.

Consistency will make everything fit in. It will also aid you with operators who must transport unfamiliar equipment. You can say the same for new employee training.

Involve the operator early

Something else you must do is develop an outline and get the operator involved during the early phases. Begin with an overview of the operation your HMI shall control and monitor. Next, create the outline using the objects and details that you are going to display on every screen for your HMI.

The outline is a wonderful utensil for ensuring that you are going down the correct route for optimum functionality. Have management review it and ask the operator for help too.

Expert HMI programming

At IRS Consultants, we make sure there is excellent detail with our HMI solutions. As long as you have this, it will be easier for you to work your machines. This is ideal as you can avoid the downtime that will surely cost your company money.

If you would like to know more about us or HMI programming, feel free to get in touch. We have lots of experience and serve clients from many industries. So, whatever you need, we should be able to supply it.