Using macros when you create electrical schematics

Creating electrical schematics can be a long, complex project. However, it is one of our core services. IRS Consultants Ltd can support clients in all kinds of industries. We help with every part of electrical hardware design, from designing the circuits to building control panels.

Macro or bespoke?

Electrical hardware designOne thing clients often ask us is if it is a good idea to use macros when they are designing schematics. The truth is doing so can offer plenty of benefits. However, there are drawbacks too. A lot of issues can occur simply because people use the same macro designs for project after project. While it may work, it does not focus on the actual application. This can be inefficient.

The advantages of using macros can be hard to ignore sometimes. For example, they can save a lot of time. Most schematics will contain a number of fixed elements that are the same or very similar with every application. Using a macro that has details for them therefore means you don’t need to start from scratch every time.

Some people also choose macros because they can easily choose different variants of components for projects. For example, you could take a macro and choose a motor with a higher power rating and a more powerful circuit breaker.

If that wasn’t enough, macros can also provide lower costs. It helps to standardise the way you create schematics, especially if you use software like EPLAN. This can pay off by making procurement, assembly, and maintenance easier.

Check the suitability

While the benefits of macros make great reading, you must use caution. It is essential that you check the suitability for each application rather than assuming that the schematic will work. This can help to prevent you from making errors. It can also show if it is better to begin from scratch rather than adapting an existing macro schematic.

Talk to us about any aspect of electrical hardware design

IRS Consultants Ltd is a company with a huge amount of experience. We can design schematics for lots of different products, from complex manufacturing systems to basic panels. Whether you are thinking about automation or something simpler, we can help.

One thing that makes us stand out is we always check that each and every component on a schematic is suitable for the job. We look at important things like the frequency of use here. This promotes better performance and longevity.

So, if you need help with electrical hardware design, get in touch. We will ensure you get the best possible service every single time. It is why so many clients keep coming back to us with new projects.