Take the right approach with PLC programming

PLC programmingWe are a company that has been working in PLC programming for several years. Our goal with this service is to create something that is reliable and easy to understand. We want it to provide updates on the client’s machines so they don’t have to integrate the program using a laptop. This is convenient and saves lots of time.

By using the right approach for programming PLCs, you can access the full potential of your system and controller. Manufacturing, enhancing, and editing the PLC functionality is something you can make simpler. You can do this by following certain tips. We go into detail about what some of these tips are below. Read on to find out more.

Structural technique and coding

Something we advise is sticking to the tried and tested structural techniques and coding methods. It is best if you avoid creating excessively complex code. For instance, a large amount of function blocks shall make the search for possible errors and the project’s orientation harder. As a result, we recommend decomposing your code as much as you can. Do so by seeking out segments you can repeat. Re-use them in other elements of the project too.

Naming convention

Another tip we want to share is creating and following a naming convention. The random naming of function blocks or variables can make your work far more difficult. This is the case for everyone working on the project. Therefore, our suggestion is to create a united template for the names of function blocks and/or variables. Stick to this throughout the project.


Our last tip is the most important one. Be sure to expect problems and come up with fail-safes. Every system will suffer with errors at some point. It does not matter how modern or complex they are. Once you figure out all the potential issues, produce hypothetical scenarios for overcoming them.

Professional PLC programming

At IRS Consultants, one of the crucial parts of our job is meeting with the client before any work takes place. This way, we can talk about their machines and how they operate. With this information, we can come up with an appropriate PLC programming solution.

If you require our assistance, please get in touch. You can also find out more about us on our website.