Think about wiring when designing control panels

Panel manufactureIndustrial control panels can be very simple or incredibly complex. It all depends on how many components are on the panel. What you need to think about, regardless of the complexity, is the wiring. Manage it well and you can enjoy lots of benefits, including easier maintenance and longer lasting components. As one of the top experts for panel manufacture in the UK, we can offer lots of tips here.

Secure connections

One of the most important things is to ensure that all connections will be secure. The last thing you want is any coming loose as it could cause a major hazard or stop important switches from working.

Using the right terminals

It is vital that you select terminals that can accommodate the number of conductors you need. You should never try to force more into a terminal than they can handle.

Choose the right connections

There are several options for terminal connections, including solder tags, nuts and star washers, or fixing screws. You should only use soldering on terminals where it is suitable.


It is also important to ensure you effectively label your wiring, especially the terminals and terminal blocks. All markings should correspond to the ones in the panel design and should be legible. When you mark anything you must ensure you use ink that will withstand the environment.

Don’t cross wires

When you design the wiring for a panel, regardless of the size, you should clearly mark the routes each wire will take. You want to avoid them crossing to prevent wear. You need to be especially careful to ensure that internal and external wiring at terminals will not cross.

Place conduit penetrations properly

Each control panel can have one or several conduits entering it. You need to ensure you place them in the right location so that moisture and any liquids do not drain towards them. It is usually safer to have them at the bottom of the panels. However, you also need to think about how easy they will be to access for maintenance. As a result, mid level side-mounted positions are more popular.


You should ensure that cables can run smoothly, without excess strain because of unnecessary joints or twisting. It is also wise to ensure there is not too much slack in the wires. Usually it is best to clamp them in place to stop any movement or straining.

Let us help you with panel manufacture

IRS Consultants Ltd is a company with an excellent reputation. Our goal is to design the most efficient panels for every client, regardless of their industry. We look at all of the elements, including wiring, to make sure our products are safe, effective, and usable.

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