The key components in industrial control panels

Industrial facilities can be full of all kinds of systems. This could include everything from large conveyors to CNC machines and fully automated solutions. One of the most important things here is the control panels. If they are inefficient, difficult to use, or low quality, it can cause huge issues. Luckily, IRS Consultants Ltd can offer the best services. Our panel manufacturer service can deliver unique products to suit any needs.

Think about the key components

Panel manufactureThe interesting thing about these panels is they can feature a huge array of different components. For example it could be a simple one with a series of on/off push buttons. Or, it could be a far more complex panel with all kinds of switches, dials, LEDs, and more. The product must feature everything the user needs to operate systems properly.

The thing to keep in mind here is that the key components are not always visible. In fact, the end user may not even know they are here. Below we want to take a look at some of the most important ones to ensure people have more knowledge of what parts are making the panel function safely.

Power supply

Naturally there is no point having a panel if you don’t have a power supply. It is one of the most important components, ensuring that it converts the current to the correct operating voltage.

Circuit breakers

Safety is crucial when you are dealing with electrical equipment. As a result, one of the most vital components is the circuit breakers. They play a vital role to break a circuit if they detect excess current. This protects the components in the panel and the user.

Disconnect switch

Sometimes it will be necessary to completely shut off power to a control panel. This may be because of an issue or a need to do maintenance. The disconnect switch is great here as it can completely cut off the power supply.


When the operator presses a button or flicks a switch on a control panel they likely want some sort of device to react. This could be anything from a control valve to a piece of machinery. Without relays this would not be possible. They make or break contact in a circuit to turn things on or off.

Overload relays are a subset of these components you may also need to use. They work to protect components like motors from overheating. If there is too much current and there is a risk of overloading, the relay can open a circuit to protect it.


Programmable logic controls are common on industrial control panels. They are more complex than simple on/off switches. Instead they use sensors to monitor outputs. It is their job to control all kinds of processes, including motors, valves, and lights. Without them, automation would be impossible.

Specialist panel manufacture services

IRS Consultants Ltd appreciates all of the various components that can go into making top quality control panels. We work with them so we can deliver products that our clients can rely on. From simple controls to systems to operate a complex facility, we can support businesses.

So, if you want a panel manufacture service and more, speak to us. We are confident we can offer the perfect solutions, maximising safety and performance.