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Based in Essex, IRS Consultants are one of the leading specialists in PLC Software and Programming. We have spent several years working with companies throughout Kent, the South East and across the whole of the UK. We have the skills to oversee all parts of a project, ranging from electrical design to PLC programming and commissioning. As a result we can offer support at every stage and don’t outsource anything. The end result is higher quality.

We have experience across many industries including process, high speed packing, automotive and conveyors. As a result we can deliver tailored solutions to suit the specific requirements of our clients. Whatever challenges you face in your industrial processes we will find an efficient, effective way to overcome them.

There are many companies in the UK that offer PLC software but very few have the reputation we do. At IRS Consultants we write our software to include a status message for every action that the PLC performs. This informs the operator of the current action the machine is performing. As a result monitoring is easier and a response can be made very quickly if a problem ever occurs, keeping downtime and errors to a minimum.

There are many companies that generate alarm messages as an after-thought so some conditions are missed. This ultimately causes the machine to stop without any indication of why. Other PLC programmers who don’t use these diagnostic messages and leave you with a system where you need to check the PLC program if there is a fault. This causes downtime and costs your business money. You can clearly see why our solutions are a better option.

Over the years our highly experienced team has handled many large projects, organising them effectively to provide the utmost value. We are equally happy to work on smaller projects if the customer requires this though. Our approach will be the same regardless of the size and we will focus on delivering the most outstanding results.

We have experience in programming most types of PLC. This includes writing PLC software for the following PLC’s; Siemens S5, S7, 1200/1500 series, Allen Bradley/Rockwell SLC, PLC2, PLC5, MicroLogix and ControlLogix, Mitsubishi & Omron. We also have the skills and knowledge in the programming of safety PLC’s such as Pilz. What this means is we can offer a one-stop service for the majority of our clients.

We always produce full electrical schematics that show all interconnections and field cables. This differs from the standard approach offered by other companies where they produce circuit drawings and leave the installation company the task of designing the field installation. Our way makes it easier to complete the installation and get everything up and running.

Our standard software package is Eplan; a highly regarded software package used for the planning and documentation of various types of electrical design projects. We chose it because it supports interdisciplinary work and has many automated functions such as parts lists and terminal rail design. Autocad is also available on request.

A final thing that really sets us apart from our competitors is our after-sales services. We are committed to helping our clients get the maximum return from their system. To do this it needs to be properly maintained and fixed promptly if a software problem ever occurs. We can provide both of these with our professional IT support, call outs, and service contracts.

Our focus at IRS Consultants is on creating a successful, long lasting relationship with our clients, regardless of the scale of their system or the industry they serve. We are proud to say we are successful at this and can adapt over time to ensure we continue providing the best support and value.

If you would like more information about any of our services, please call 0845 094 9846 or fill in an enquiry form. We will be happy to share information with you and start building a relationship that will produce outstanding results for your business.