Neatness is key with control panel design and manufacturing

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are designing a control panel is how neat it is. The neatness will have an impact on how easy the panels are to operate and maintain. It can also have an impact on longevity. As one of the top names for designing and panel manufacture in the UK, IRS Consultants Ltd can offer a lot of tips here.

Three steps for neatness

Panel manufactureThere are three things you should look at here to ensure every panel is neat. Firstly is the size. It is difficult to keep panels neat if you are trying to fit hundreds of things on one small unit. What you need to think about is spatial needs, even if you don’t have much room in the facility to work with. Make sure you have enough space for all of the components and wires, ensuring they won’t damage each other.

The second thing to look at is the layout. You want it to be neat here so it is easy to operate. However, there are two other important things to think about; the power needs and the heat. It is wise to have components with high amperage demands at the top of the panel. This will put them closest to the main power switch. You can then have components with lower power requirements further down.

In terms of the layout you must consider how much heat the components will generate. If you don’t do this you may accidentally put a very hot part near a very sensitive one. When you do that it can result in big problems, including regular failures and more frequent shutdowns. Ideally you need to keep anything that is sensitive to heat further down the panel so it has more protection.

Finally, you must think about labelling. To make operation and maintenance as easy as possible you need to label everything. This includes components on the panel, those within it, and all wiring. Circuit breakers and power supplies in particular should have labels.

Talk to us about panel manufacture

IRS Consultants Ltd provides first rate services for clients in different industries. Our goal is to design the most useful panels. To do this we factor in everything from usability to maintenance. We also work very hard to keep everything neat and in order.

So, whether you need a single panel or a full suite, rely on us. Our design services are excellent and we maintain the same standards when we get to panel manufacture and installation. As a result, each client can get the best service from start to finish.