Top tips for improving the safety of industrial wiring

Our goal at IRS Consultants Ltd is to deliver the safest, most effective electrical hardware design solutions. We offer the service to clients from an array of industries, adapting to any kind of need. As part of this we want to give them the best advice about everything from the wiring to the individual components in the circuit and on the control panels. This can ensure the whole installation meets the highest standards.

Industrial wiring

Electrical hardware designThe most important thing to remember here is that whatever circuit it is, the wiring will play a vital role. Without it there will be no electrical current. But, make a mistake here and the wires could be unable to handle the load. This could lead to big issues including power cuts, broken components, and a lot of downtime. It can also be very dangerous to anyone in the facility.

To avoid issues and maximise safety, you need to use the right kind of industrial wiring. It should be 3 phase rather than single or 2 phase. Here there are three wires to provide the current. It puts less pressure on each individual wire, improving safety and durability while delivering the best current output.

It is also important you choose the right wires themselves. They can differ greatly in terms of the type of coating and what level of resistance it will offer to gases, liquids, and other harmful substances. You should always choose heavy duty wires that have a thermoplastic coating. Make sure you consider the environments so they will not damage the wiring and cause hazards.

You should also think about cable management and how it can help to prolong the life of wires. This is definitely something you should factor in during the planning stage. It will help you to keep circuits and the wiring neat and organised too.

Testing and maintenance

Another thing to consider is testing and maintenance. Once you choose the wiring and install all of the electrical hardware, the job is not over. You also need to check it periodically to ensure it is safe. It is a good idea to think about testing and maintenance when you are designing the circuits. You can therefore take steps to make it easier for technicians to access the wires so they can maintain them.

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At IRS Consultants Ltd we have the skills to create electrical hardware for all kinds of needs. It could be simple circuits for a single piece of machinery or a complex control network for a whole facility. Whatever the case, we offer high standards and check each application for suitability.

So, if you need expert advice and first rate electrical design solutions, contact us. We work across the UK, tackling challenges in some of the trickiest industries.