At IRS Consultants we provide a wide array of specialist services for our clients, using the extensive experience we have gathered to deliver remarkable solutions. From our base in Essex we can work with businesses throughout the region and across the whole of the UK. Our knowledge covers a wide selection of different industries and we can adapt to suit the specific requirements of each client.

The core services we offer are;

Our main area of expertise is programmable logic controller (PLC) software and programming. We focus on delivering reliable stand-alone programs that can operate a wide array of different machinery and systems. We work closely with clients to design them, ensuring each solution is tailor-made.

On top of software we also have the skills to handle electrical hardware design. The thing that makes us stand out in this area is we ensure that the planning is done correctly. Too often bad plans result in a project going wrong and causing countless problems. We plan to ensure we minimise the risk of errors.

With our services businesses have an end-to-end solution focused on delivering the best results. We even extend to offering ongoing support with system maintenance and upkeep. As a result our clients don’t need to deal with anyone else. They also get the benefit of continuing to work with the original system designer.

From the outset of your project we will work to find the most effective solution to your requirements. Our experience means we will consider all options before suggesting the one we feel will be best for you.

Please take the time to have a look at each of the individual services we offer by clicking the links above. If you have any questions about any service or would like to get started discussing your specific requirements with us, simply get in touch.