What makes for good control panel manufacture?

If you are looking for a bespoke control panel, there is one word you need to keep in mind and that is neatness. However, you may struggle to instil this in your equipment. It is instead the by-product of various aspects of control panel manufacture. In this article you can learn about what makes for a great design.


This is vital for each component of the panel. Labels should go at the ends of wires. You should label power distribution wiring as per the terminal number. This will stop confusion later on. For PLC I/O wiring, labels should be done per syntax that corresponds with its PLC address. In terms of components like circuit breakers and power supplies, standard abbreviations to show the line number and component type are best.

Panel Sizing

In many settings, space is a limiting factor for control panel manufacture and yet, you should prioritise this. You need to leave plenty of room for every component. It is also wise to take its heat emission into account. Enough vertical space can fix heat dissipation issues. This might even remove the need for external air con units. Furthermore, you should leave enough room to expand in the future.


Panel manufactureA lot of control panels will have a main incoming power switch. This tends to be on the upper-right corner of the panel. Based on this, logic dictates components with high-voltage ratings should go at the top of the panel. Then you can spread power distribution onto components of a lower rating.

Each group of power distribution components should start with the main breaker on the left. You can then have the fuses, terminals, and breakers. Then, distribution groups will be consistent and easy to diagnose if there is a fault.

Place PLC and I/O terminals below power distribution components. This will prevent heat from high-amp components interfering with electronic equipment. In addition, bring in field instrument I/O wiring from the bottom of the panel.

Wireway Design

If you want a good design for your panel, you need the correct type and amount of wireway. The idea is to leave enough room for internal panel and field I/O wiring. It is a good idea to design wireways so that it is easy to carry out termination. After this, an appropriate level of horizontal room is vital. This will leave room for expansion.

Wireways that convey field I/O wiring to the respective terminals need to have ample spacing. This is under the assumption that they will come in and then terminate at an existing I/O terminal. Furthermore there need to be labels. These enable technicians to carry out modifications and diagnostics easily.

Control panel manufacture solutions

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