Never skip the preliminary production design

When you are looking at electrical hardware design, you must ensure the planning is adequate. However, this is only one part of the process. Something else you need to do is pick the most suitable components for the job. Ours is a company that has a wealth of experience in this area. As a result, we are in the best position to assist you in getting the design you are after.


Electrical hardware designYou can break down the development for the electronics of your designs into a series of steps. The first and one of the most important of these is creating a preliminary production design. Just make certain you don’t confuse this with a proof of concept prototype, or POC.

There is a difference with a POC prototype. This is that you typically construct one using development kits. In some cases, they can prove useful. They can show that your product concept can overcome specific issues. However, a POC prototype is nowhere near close to being a production design of any variety. It is rare that you can go to market with a development kit in your product.

The design’s purpose

What a preliminary production design does is focus on the production components of your product. Other areas it looks at include manufacturability, development feasibility, and features. There is also performance, profit margin, and cost. You can use one of these to create estimates for all the costs of your product. It is vital to know about each cost.

Several entrepreneurs have made the mistake of missing this phase out. What they do instead is jump straight into outlining the schematic circuit diagram. Doing this may lead to you discovering you can’t affordably develop your product or sell it.

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At IRS Consultants, we use Eplan as the standard when creating our design drawings. We favour this software because of its automatically generated functions. Its built in intelligence is another reason.

If you need help with your electrical hardware designs, get in touch with us today. We have experience in lots of industries and can create the perfect solution for you.