What is CMSE and why is it important?

Machinery safety is a very important topic. However, it is also a very complex one. There are lots of potential risks, whether they are from using the equipment incorrectly or due to the environment. The level of risk will increase as the machines age too, especially if they are not maintained correctly. If you want to put the right safeguards in place it may be best to consult a certified CMSE (Certified Machine Safety Expert). You can find one at IRS Consultants.

What is CMSE?

A certified machine safety expert has up to date qualifications and broad knowledge of risks, regulations, standards, and more. As a result they can take steps to maximise safety. Their input can also improve the performance and lifecycle of equipment.

Safety systems

CMSE (Commercial Machine Safety Expert)One of the most important things a CMSE can do is design safety systems that meet current guidelines and standards. This could determine things like how machines are used, downtime, servicing, and more. The expert can do risk assessments so they have all the information they need to design the safety system.

Applying safety knowledge to design and build

A CMSE can also offer great help during the design and build stages. If you are developing a piece of machinery or a system, the input can help you to create better equipment. Addressing potential risks at this point can lead to the creation of more safety features. As a result users will be safer and there will be a smaller risk of breakdowns.

Speak to a CMSE (Certified Machine Safety Expert)

If you need assistance, whether it is with existing equipment or a new system you are designing, we would be happy to help. Our experience is very broad. It includes electrical hardware design, panel manufacturing, programming, and technical support. We are also a qualified CMSE (Certified Machine Safety Expert).

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