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Design tips for circuits

We are proud to have a reputation as being a leading specialist working in electrical hardware design. Our skills are vast enough that they allow us to tackle any part of a project. In other words, you can rely on us for everything. There is no outsourcing here either. This means higher quality results for you and minimal delays. Continue reading

Keep controls flexible, and match them to your plans and positions

For years, we have worked with various companies across the country, perfecting our craft along the way. Specialising in hardware design, panel manufacturing, and numerous forms of programming, we can adapt our talents to meet all sorts of unique requirements. Well educated on the principles of good electrical control system design, we are the people to come to if what you’re seeking is top-notch results. Continue reading

SCADA is everywhere

Located in Essex, ours is a company that prides itself on being able to supply some of the finest PLC Software and Programming services in the country. Because we oversee every phase of our client’s projects, we can support them when they require it the most, with the result being higher quality. Possessing an exceptional expertise for SCADA system design, we are the people to depend on if you need assistance in this area. Continue reading

EPLAN CAE software is perfect for electrical hardware design

The key to success with hardware design is to consider the specific application from the outset. That way it remains the focus and the circuits are designed with it in mind. This can result in better efficiency, performance, and a longer lifecycle for the finished product. At IRS Consultants we take on electrical hardware design using EPLAN CAE software, ensuring accuracy and keeping the application as our focus. Continue reading

Explaining PLC technology

Situated in Essex, we are one of the top companies specialising in Rockwell PLC Programming. Due to our experience working within various industries, including the likes of conveyors, process, automotive, and high-speed packing, we are capable of offering customers solutions that have been tailored to their specific needs. Providing support at every stage, we are the ones to call if you are after quality results. Continue reading