EPLAN CAE software is perfect for electrical hardware design

The key to success with hardware design is to consider the specific application from the outset. That way it remains the focus and the circuits are designed with it in mind. This can result in better efficiency, performance, and a longer lifecycle for the finished product. At IRS Consultants we take on electrical hardware design using EPLAN CAE software, ensuring accuracy and keeping the application as our focus.

The reason we chose EPLAN as our computer aided engineering (CAE) software is because of the array of benefits it offers. Firstly the developer is constantly looking to improve the product and deliver excellent value. As part of this they offer great support for all users.

EPLAN offers the major advantage that it was developed specifically for electrical applications rather than mechanical ones. This means it is focused on the electrical needs from the outset and provides intelligent solutions. The package is also responsive and supportive, two things that would not be available if the facilities were simply an extension of a piece of software.

One thing that many electrical engineers struggle with is ensuring their designs satisfy national and international standards. This becomes even more challenging when you consider how complex the requirements can be and that changes to the specifications that are required can occur rapidly. Luckily quality CAE software such as EPLAN has comprehensive functional support that includes guidelines and codes.

With high quality CAE software like the one we use it is possible to utilise modular design techniques. This way you can create specific modules that can be used over and over to speed up development. As a result errors can be reduced and consistency is easier to achieve.

The IRS Consultancy team is accomplished at electrical hardware design using EPLAN CAE software and can provide solutions to suit any requirement. We work closely with clients to ensure we understand the application fully and then deliver the most effective service we can, providing support from start to finish.

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