Considerations for components in control panel design

We are a company with a reputation for excellence in panel manufacture. The team here has experience in a myriad of industries. For example we can design panels for conveyors, automotive, high speed packing, and process. As a result, we can offer each client a bespoke solution that meets all of their needs.

Making sure that you design a control panel to meet the right standards is vital. You must consider many choices during the development. Each one has to reflect the principal specs. What we are going to do is talk about some of the most common component considerations for the design of a control panel.

Size and space

Panel manufactureThe control panel’s overall size shall predominantly be decided by the degree of physical space you have. Industrial settings tend to be huge. However, space can be at a premium when you fill it with control panels. Ensure that you pay enough attention to the project environment in the design stage.

In relation to separate enclosures, you might have to think about the room you will require for safe operation. It is the same with door clearance.

Wiring size and component type

Wiring size and component type considerations are also vital here. When planning which gauge of wire and components to use on your panel, keep the load current in mind. Both the wires and components in the circuitry must be able to convey the load current and voltage. They must do so throughout the whole panel.

As for circuit insulation or protection, load current and wire size are responsible for governing them. It is imperative to guarantee the safe running of the panel too.

Bespoke panel manufacture solutions

At IRS Consultants, we design and manufacture panels in house. We also make use of our own on site labelling facilities. This prevents your control panels from leaving us without being fully labelled first. In addition, we work on projects both small and large in scope. Therefore, nothing is beyond us.

If you need our top tier panel manufacture service, please get in touch with us. You can speak to us about your requirements and we will then offer all kinds of useful suggestions.