Explaining PLC technology

Situated in Essex, we are one of the top companies specialising in Rockwell PLC Programming. Due to our experience working within various industries, including the likes of conveyors, process, automotive, and high-speed packing, we are capable of offering customers solutions that have been tailored to their specific needs. Providing support at every stage, we are the ones to call if you are after quality results.

PLCs, or programmable logic controllers, are devices that one can programme to conduct a multitude of events. An event is activated by inputs that are received via delayed actions, like counted occurrences or time delays. After you trigger an event, it begins to actuate in the exterior world by switching the physical actuation or electronic control equipment on or off. A controller shall continue to loop through the determined programme, waiting for inputs and supplying outputs at the specified times.

Those who are familiar with computer technology will know that PLCs come with their own language. This form of communication is used to program the controller and comes in three formats. These formats are logic symbol, instruction list, and ladder.

Usually, one PLC can be set to take the place of thousands of timers and relays. Such machinery was initially favoured by the automotive manufacturing industry. It allowed software revision to substitute arduous re-wiring of the control panels whenever an original model was brought forward.

At IRS Consultants, we strive to produce PLC programs that are designed to be both easily understandable and dependable. During the design phase, we talk with clients about the machine’s operation and help them in conceiving a sequence that is presented in spreadsheet form. All of this would come together to generate the design documents.

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