IT Support

Have you ever considered the need for on-site IT support but can’t justify the cost of employing someone?

Some of our customers have experienced the same problem. Its easily solved by using IRS to support your companies needs. By using IRS you can schedule an IT support visit once or week or once a month or any frequency that suits your companies needs. To employ a support person could cost between £18,000 to £35,000 per year, but with an IRS IT support contract it would cost a fraction of this as well as receiving the following benefits:

  • Telephone support.
  • 4-hour response to callouts.
  • Reduced hourly rate, for callouts.
  • Reduced minimum call out charge.
  • Service visits for your PCs & Network equipment.

We can provide the following IT services for you:

  • Setup PCs
  • Fault finding PCs.
  • Installing new software.
  • Anti-Virus and general internet protection.
  • Server / Networking support.
  • Setting up Email accounts.
  • Setting up and managing your web page.

If you would like more information about our any of our services, please call 0845 094 9846 or fill in an enquiry form.